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The Poerava Fitted® Strap is tailor-made to your preferred length with the option to choose the desired width as well. In order to achieve the perfect fit follow the step-by-step instructions below:


1. Grab your current strap (already set at your preferred length) and lay it flat on the ground.


2. Grab your tape measure and begin to measure the length of the strap from one end hole to the other end hole, this is your current strap measurement.

3. Select your desired strap and add to cart, once you add you will be asked what length and and proceed.





The Poerava Adjustable Strap is available in the three size ranges with the option to choose your desired width:

Small 24-37" | 61-94cm - A great strap length for kids or the shorter individual that likes to play the instrument up high.

Medium 34-57" | 87-145cm - This would be considered the standard adjustable strap which fits most individuals adjustable range.

Large 40-70" | 102-178cm - For the big and tall individual or for the one you who likes to hang it really low.



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