How do I install the Solid Body Kit ?

Will the guitar straps work with my other strap locks ?

Depends on the strap lock. The Poerava Strap Eyelets® installed in our guitar straps will work with most strap locks on the market - inner diameter of the eyelet is 9.5mm

How do I install the Hollow Body Kit ?

How do I set up a Wholesale Account ?

Please use our contact form located here and one of our sales representatives will be intouch with you shortly.

Will the Poerava Strap Eyelets® work on my current strap ?

Yes. Installation is very easy, all you need is a 13mm hole punch to make the hole and a hammer or rubber mallet to tap the eyelets together...the eyelets are force fit. If you have strap locks installed already the hole made for those should be big enough to fit our eyelets.

Is Licensing available ?

We do offer Licensing for the following items:

  • Removable Strap Buttons
  • Inserts
  • Eyelets
Please use our contact form located here to get started.

How do I install the Strap Eyelets ?

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